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Dos and Don’ts for Choosing Appropriate Fashion Jewelry on Your First Dates

So, you have just met a new person and set up your first date; that’s a brilliant idea. However, just like most of us, you could probably be confused about what fashion jewelry to wear and not to wear. It is a common dilemma that many people experience. You definitely want to dress to impress your date, but you would like to avoid scaring them off by overdoing your fashion jewelry or mismatch of the fashion jewelry with your outfits. We have got you covered. Check out the dos and don’ts for  ...

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Float Tanks – The Anxiety Buster

The float tank or sensory deprivation tank can be said to have come around full circle in the medical field as more and more individuals have come to find the treatment useful towards treating a variety of ailments. Originally known as the isolation tank they were officially conceptualised and  ...

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