5 Best Business Ideas For Stay At Home Wives And Mothers

 5 Best Business Ideas For Stay At Home Wives And Mothers

Long gone are the days when women had to give up on their careers as soon as they were married or conceived a child. Especially, working post-childbirth is more challenging as you have to manage the young infant along with office and home chores. It becomes exhausting to keep running around 24×7.

Things have changed since the world faced the pandemic. A lot of companies – both large and small – are allowing their employees to work from home. And, are also hiring women with career gaps to give them a fresh start. If you don’t wish to work under someone, you have great news too. There are multiple ways to start up a business in the comfort of the home. 

Here are some ideas that can help,

Catering Services

It is for those women who love and are passionate about cooking and/or baking. It is one of the easy ways to start earning on your own. You will need a minimum investment for all the products you’d need for cooking and baking. 

You can begin the services by providing some free samples to friends & family. Word of mouth is the best way to advertise and it is free too! Start a few gigs around the neighborhood and slowly pick up the pace by creating a social media account and posting on them. This business is flexible as per your needs. 

Content Writer

There are many companies online that are actively looking for people who can write for them. Get the literature bug out and start writing. One of the best parts is that the companies are now flexible to hire freelancers.

As a freelance writer, you can choose the company and the time you get to work. It is a great way to improve your writing skills and also earn while taking care of the baby. Contact the companies through email and submit your resume. But, how to find someone’s email address? Simple, GetEmail.io is an AI-powered website that lets you access thousands of email contact in a blink of an eye.


The number of companies that are in need of developers is astounding. If you can easily write, debug and execute the source code of a software application, then you have to apply for these roles. Sometimes family responsibility becomes more important, and the career takes a back seat. 

Many multinational companies are initiating a drive to give another chance to awesome developer moms to get back on track. Grab the opportunity while it lasts! Or you can choose to start a new company of your own by creating a software application.


Thanks to the pandemic, it’s been around 2 years and the schools haven’t opened yet. The possibility of getting back to the old norm has a slim chance. However, this has brought a great change in the teaching sector. A lot of online teaching services have popped up to help students cope with the curriculum. 

Regardless of whether you have experience in teaching or not, you can still begin tutoring kids online as well as offline. Having basic knowledge about the subject is vital to help kids learn better. If you are well qualified then starting a coaching class seems easier. If not, you can begin with certifying yourself and then begin the classes.


The above-mentioned streams are just a few from the lot. The creative ones can start a handicraft business by creating goodies. The ones interested in photography can begin with professional photography services. Event planners, interior designers, travel guides, when you look at it the opportunities are countless. All you need to do is sit and figure out the things that you’re good at. Good luck!

Sarah Ammely

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