February 24, 2020
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Why Beautiful Women Always Marry Less Attractive Men

If you ever notice the married couples around you, you’ll see that almost all the beautiful women out there are always with less attractive men. In fact, we all have once in a while faced a situation in which we are dying to ask the women that why did she marry such an average looking guy when she herself is a beauty queen?

Like, what we think is that beautiful women can easily get handsome men then why settle for a lesser attractive person?

Now, if you are also confused about this preference of women, then you are at the right place, reading the right article.

Today we are going to try and explain to you why this happens and what’s the success rate of such marriages.

just married - Why Beautiful Women Always Marry Less Attractive Men

Why a beauty queen choose an average handsome man?

According to research, the couples in which the wife is more good-looking than the man are more successful. Yes, you read it right and the main reason suspected in this matter is that men always go for beauty whereas women who want to run a successful long relationship, they prefer a man who is supportive and more positive.

Beauty can be an important factor for both men and women especially in the beginning of a relationship but with the passage of time, the physical attractiveness fades away. This is the main reason that women who really want to marry someone always settle for a less attractive man and they usually prefer a person with a good heart. It is but very obvious that if you only follow the looks of the other person and ignore how good of a person he is by heart then soon you will see yourself divorced or separated. Also, let’s face it that a supportive and a positive man appear more attractive to women even when he is average, looks-wise.

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