Influencer Marketing And Its Amazing Impact To Boost Sales

 Influencer Marketing And Its Amazing Impact To Boost Sales

As much as it is an established strategy in the market, there are still many people who wonder what Influencer Marketing is. Here, you will find all the information necessary to understand this practice that brings excellent results.

Influencer Marketing is a form of Digital Marketing, and in this post, we will talk more about the essence and the proposal of their actions and not so much about their meaning in itself, since influencers are already part of the daily life of those who are in the web, especially on social media.

The trend is that this strategy is used more and more and, consequently, that the dissemination agents – the influencers – are more integrated into the environment. If you wonder how they can be so important to brands, this post will clear up all your doubts!

Here you find out more about Influencer Marketing!

What is Influencer Marketing?

That means you introduce a product or service to users with the help of influencers. If you are looking to increase your followers and become known, if you are going to sell your product, influencer marketing is one of the most effective methods. Do not doubt that if this type of advertising is done purposefully and correctly, you will definitely get good results.

These days, the number of Instagram influencers has increased and each of them works in a specific field. Depending on the type of business you have, you will need to decide which influencer to target based on several factors. So be very careful.

  • What are Influencers?

People who generate information on products, services, or, thanks to the phenomenon of social networks, on any current topic. They specialize regularly or a specific topic or category speak and usually tend to interact and to participate with others sharing their opinions, thoughts, ideas, or thoughts.

Influencers act not only as intermediaries or brand ambassadors, but they also become an advertising medium with the capacity for segmentation, feedback, credibility, and influence among their followers.

In this context, we can affirm that there are several types of influencers:

  • Celebrity:

People who have popularity in social networks created by external issues, such as artists or actors. 

  • Macro influencers:

They are journalists, executives, bloggers, You Tubers, Instagrammers … who have become celebrities on social networks; they were born in this medium but have already jumped to all channels. 

  • Micro-influencers:

They are impartial and objective people, when a brand satisfies them they communicate it on their social networks.

  • Influencer Marketing Strategy

To create a good influencer marketing strategy you must analyze and define the following points:

  • Define the objectives
  • Specify the mechanics of the actions to be carried out by the influencer (dates, communication channels, actions, etc.)
  • Determine which influencers will collaborate with your company
  • Determine the types of content that will be communicated, videos, photographs, blog posts, etc.
  • Contact the influencers with whom you want to collaborate and sign the agreement.
  • Campaign activation

The last and one of the most important points to take into account is the measurement and analysis of the results of the influence marketing action.

How to find and choose the right influencer?

Here we will give you several tips:

  • Look for labels or hash tags related to your sector.
  • Find popular posts and explore the hash tags used to discover new influencers in your sector.
  • There are influencers search tools …
  • Number of followers
  • Channels in which it appears
  • Adjust the budget that you prepare
  • Scope of your publications or post
  • Have high engagement
  • Content created, and the intensity of good content updates

To choose the right influencer, we recommend that you first of all analyze their social networks or blog. 

Above all, look for and analyze other collaborations that you have made with brands in the same sector, since you may not be interested in the collaboration if you have made another with your competition.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing to boost sales

Here are some of the benefits you can get when working with an influencer:

  • Make Your Product the Center of Attention 

You can make your product the center of attention quickly. The trick is to hold someone who is viral as your influencer. In essence, every activity of an influencer is always the center of attention of their followers.

  • Make Consumers More Trust Your Product

If you promote a product conventionally, it will take a relatively long time to convince your potential customers. However, when using public figures, consumer confidence in a product can be immediately formed. The reason is, they have experience and expertise in certain fields. If they use your product, it is very easy for their followers to have more faith in your product.

  • Reaching More Consumers

Some business owners tend to promote products through advertisements, either in print or electronic media. Currently, the number of active social media users in our country reaches 170 million, with an average access time of up to nearly 3.5 hours every day! 

By appointing public figures who are able to present content in an attractive manner, information about your product will certainly not be overlooked. This means that the opportunity to reach more consumers can be achieved easily. 


We encourage you to carry out an influencer marketing strategy; it is a very broad topic that adapts to the needs of almost all companies today. It is a simple way to generate content, give visibility to your brand, obtain economic benefits, etc. Let your brand speak with the voice of other people!

One of the most important tips that we can give you and that we have seen first-hand is: create long-term relationships and collaborations; you will be surprised by the involvement of influencers.

Anna Dupontel

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