How to Get a Casual & Sophisticated Look? The Basics of Casual Wear for Women

 How to Get a Casual & Sophisticated Look? The Basics of Casual Wear for Women

But first, what does a casual look/outfit mean? A simple answer would be to find something comfortable and relaxing to wear. With the casual look, formality takes a second priority. Loose jeans or a skirt worn with a cozy T-shirt, and sneakers is a good example of a casual combination.

If you’re going out to a laid-back party with your good friends, dressing up formally might not be necessary, especially if you’re a fan of T-shirts and sneakers. Dressing up casually is attractive in its own way, without necessarily having to go all fancy and stuff.

Let’s check out the basics or casual outfits for women!

First rules of Casual Outfits

  • Comfort is the number one key to the casual look. Remember to wear something that feels relaxing when you’re dressing casually; it can be your favorite hoody.
  • Wearing jeans as a starting point is a typical casual fashion move.
  • Have fun choosing whatever feels good! Dress in something that makes you happy and relaxed at the same time.

What are the types of casual wear?

Casual looks are actually better than formal looks in terms of showing your own unique personality. It’s also less demanding because the aim is a laid-back aesthetic.

The main types that we can think of in terms of casual looks are:

  • Casual cute style: With this style, you can wear whatever teenage-you think cute looks like. You can be creative with the bright colors to give a cheerful visual impression.
  • Casual chic style: This style can take many forms. The aim here is to feel comfortable while at the same time show a little bit of sophistication and high style. It can be a simple addition like a cool handbag.
  • Casual professional style: Dressing up formally for work isn’t very necessary nowadays, but that doesn’t mean you should go to work in your pajamas. You can wear jeans, sandals, and a cool coat and combine casual with professional if you like.       

How you can dress casually?

The way we present ourselves to the world through how we appear and how we act is what creates our social existence. The point is having a style that people associate you with is something we all spend a lot of time working on. When you like the world to see you through casual lenses that make you feel comfortable in some situations, you think about dressing up casually.

Without getting too philosophical about appearances, dressing up casually is a matter of your choice. Whatever feels casual and cozy to you in a certain context should be considered casual. You don’t have to spend a lot of money trying to look casual because you already have casual clothes that you can combine in all sorts of ways.

You can find inspiration for casual outfits all over. Just be yourself!  

Can I look stylish but casual?

Wearing a casual outfit doesn’t mean wearing something sloppy. You can balance between casual and stylish and still feel cozy.

For example, if you intend to wear a skirt, you can look stylish with a cool short jacket. You may also look a lot more stylish by limiting your color palette a little bit.   

Bottom line

Get inspired by your inner compass of what it means to look casual. Play with different combinations and even incorporate different styles. If you have clothes that are part of your local culture, try to see how they fit with casual wear like sneakers and jeans.

Anna Dupontel

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