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1- How did you get your begining as an influencer?

It all started with my love of traveling and fashion. When I began to work on making nails, and makeup, my horizon expanded with the use of social media for promotion. Since I traveled a lot and posted many pictures, the circle of my followers began to spread and then I noticed some famous influencer profiles.

2- How does your creative approch change from one social media platform to another?

The approach depends on the social media platform, every platform has it’s specifics. For example on facebook I use wider photos with higher quality, while on instagram the photos are lower in resolution but more sharper. You must also take in concern on which device most of your followers scroll trough your profile, because on computer the photos look different than on a mobile device.

3- Why do you think your work garnered a positive reception from your followers?

Life has taught me to deal with every thing very seriously and professionally, so all of my images are thoughtful, well-arranged and nicely stacked on my profile. Much depends on the topic of the social media profile and how interesting this topic is to potential followers. But I think that the arrangement of my profile and interesting pictures was crucial for building audiences on different platforms.

4- Have any tactics been especialy effective in helping you grow your audience?

It would be hard to point out some special tactics for building audiences on social media, but I think it depends on how much you are dealing with the profile and how active you are. Also, the various promotions I made in the past have helped me a lot, because I gained with them the profile visibility and recognition in different areas.

PIK1 - discover best Greatest Travel Experiences With:Mojca

5- How would you say your content has changed since you started?

From the very beginning, my profile has changed greatly, even with the development of mobile phones and cameras for photography, my images have become cleaner, nicer and more interesting. I started using various image and profile editing programs, programs for publishing and editing images in the story, and many others.

6- What type of content does well on Instagram but don’t on other platform?

It’s hard to talk about what images are good on the instagram, but not on other platforms. But if I had to point out some things I would say that these are bright photos with beautiful background and beautiful highlighted colors. These images make the profile and the layout more exciting and appealing to the visitors and potential followers.

PIK - discover best Greatest Travel Experiences With:Mojca

7- What kind of struggles are often not talked about around being an influencer?

Everyone sees only a nice profile with many followers, nice photos and content, but they do not see how much work lies behind all this. Every picture taken and posted on the profile requires a lot of work, from setting up an image frame, image editing in different programs, writing an interesting description and many other other things, such as searching for hashtags that make the image more visible to users.

8- What is the most rewarding part of being one?

The greatest reward for influencer is that with your hard work you achieve the visibility of your profile on various social media. This is related to the number of promotions and collaborations you receive and I am very happy to say that I have achieved what I have always wanted in my life.

9- Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

In the next five years of my life, I see myself expanding the audience on my profile, on numerous trips to different destinations and continents and always searching for beautiful places to visit. I am looking forward to a lot of collaborations and promotions that will help companies and organizations gain visibility and create their profile in social media like myself.

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