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Best principles to show the beauty for womens

The beauty is that value linked closely to every human life details, as this value leads to positive feelings, emotions favorite , and instincts, which transmits comfort and serenity in himself, and makes them better able to improve, perhaps bringing it to the highest

Beauty intangible, which is that the person can not perceive the five senses, this is a very deep beauty, which carries with it all that is beautiful from the values, emotions, morality and so forth, and this beauty are attracted to human nature, and seeking always behind him as he is considered the true guarantor the progress of human on the right path in this life

beauty  is a relative thing,what I see with my own eyes , I can be pleasant to see another person is excellent, and what others see As bad as could be allowed for me to be is wonderful,  In any case, the world has acknowledged certain characteristics of beauty , and the entire world and the magnificence specialists it has ideal to these qualities has magnificence,

Humans differ among themselves in many things, especially in the their view of beauty, every man is has a look different from the other, it was one of them preferably something that others do not favored, like the view of beauty and therefore can not be limited beauty marks, because they are mixed according to taste and the opinion of each person, but we we will in this article offer some signs of relative beauty, which vary from one person to another and from one girl to another.

There are many principles and marks delighted by the girl and show her beauty,:

Enjoy the natural beauty and a far cry from the artificiality exaggerated contrast person able to see how the natural beauty enjoyed by the girl, and the beauty that added to some of the counterfeit changes, a lot of guys are looking for natural beauty

Long hair milestone of girlish beauty, which is the basic criterion of beauty marks; it shows the eternal youth and renewed constantly, so it is considered her more attractive and the beauty of the girl Her short hair long hair, it marks that capture male hearts, so as to be considered the main title of femininity and youth also Beautiful smile, a sign of beauty distinctive signs; because it indicates that it playful and light shade and loved by everyone.

The soft sound an important signs of beauty, where a large number of male unanimously that the girl, who has a soft voice is beautiful and unique compared to the other girls female coarse voice, because of its role in controlling the hearts and stir emotions.

Large eyes an important signs of beauty and strong for girls, girl who possesses such defects attract a lot of men because the eyes is first thing that draws the attention of the man for that girl.

Slim body and harmonic the most important in beauty of  the girl because the  majority of men prefer girls with slim and distinctive textures, that is, weighing moderate not be skinny or too much fat.

It is not necessary that all previous specifications are available at the girl, in many cases, a girl has these qualities and be able to capture the hearts of men, depending on the nature and taste of the man, as well as the ability of these specifications to move the feelings of the man.

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